A New Journey

It has been quite some time since I have posted here. There have been so very many life changes in the past two years that have left me with little time for personal writing. As many of my followers know, I began writing for digital media outlet The Texan in 2019: an endeavor that has given me a marvelous opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge and skill.

But in 2020 my life changed most profoundly when my beloved husband became ill and died. The journey from diagnosis to death was bewildering, chaotic, and somehow both too short and too long. The grief is sometimes more than I can bear.

In the midst of this valley however, I have been asked to share my experiences, meditations, and insights on the journey of grief. The request comes from friends, but I also feel the nudge of God’s Holy Spirit in my prayer time.

And so, I will begin sharing here. I am not a therapist or theologian, and I am certainly not God, so I cannot answer every question or heal every hurting heart, but I do hope that there are those who will read my words and maybe find comfort and encouragement, even if it only stems from the knowledge that you have a fellow traveler in this valley.

In juggling all of the aspects of this new life I have been forced to accept, I cannot guarantee a regular posting schedule, but will endeavor to post once a week.

I close with this thought from the book of Job:

The LORD gives and the LORD takes away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.


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